Textbook Adoptions

Arkansas Law (Act 175 of 2007) requires all textbook and course material information to be available for public viewing:

To Enable the University of Arkansas to comply with Act 175 of 2007, Textbook Adoptions should be turned into the University of Arkansas Bookstore by the deadline.

Please check with your Departmental Administrative Assistant or Departmental Textbook Coordinator to make sure your department's textbook adoption policies are being followed.

Online Textbook Adoption

  • Textbook Department

  • BKST 219
  • 616 N. Garland Ave
  • Fayetteville AR, 72701

  • Ricky Carney (479) 575-7458 Email
  • Steve Pendleton (479) 575-3735 Email
  • Laura Smith (479) 575-3737 Email
  • Fax (479) 575-7760 Email

Missing Textbook List

The list below shows only Organized Undergraduate Courses that have missing textbook adoption information. This list is sorted by College and Departments, and is updated weekly.

In accordance with Act 175 of 2007, we can only remove course information from the Missing Textbook List if we receive one of the following:

Contact U of A Bookstore

Thanks for contacting U of A Bookstore.

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