Bookstore Accounts

The University of Arkansas Bookstore has the following types of Accounts:

Bookstore Employee Accounts
allow student employees that have worked for the store a semester to be eligible to charge their books and use them for the semester. If the books are returned in sellable condition at the end of the semester, their account is credited and there is no charge.

Student Athlete Accounts
are authorized by the Athletic Departments for students on Athletic Scholarship. These accounts are handled like other departmental accounts and uploaded to BASIS.
  · Contact Susan Moore | Email · (479) 575-4673

Outside Accounts
are authorized by the Accounting Department or Store Director. These are accounts for local businesses, schools, government agencies, etc.

Departmental Accounts
are authorized by the Purchasing Department. The store receives blanket account authorizations and line item purchase orders by downloading a file from the Purchasing Department using the BASIS system daily. These accounts are requested from the departments using internal purchasing procedures. Accounts authorized by the Purchasing Department for line items listed on the Purchase Order are faxed or picked up in the Purchasing Department after each department follows state purchasing laws.

Razorbuck Accounts
are authorized by the ID Office: Each student can place funds on deposit with the ID Office and access the funds by using their student ID card to charge at the Bookstore.
  · Contact Card Office | Email · (479) 575-7563

Other Accounts
such as vendor rebate accounts are contractual. Vendors offer rebates based on sales and are entered in A/R accounts until they are cleared by vendor payments.

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